Jennifer Herron


My name is Jennifer Herron.

I started IT Works when my son was a year and a half. After realizing that soon I would be going back to work, it's something I didn't want.  

I seved 6 years in the Canadian military, only to retire for my son. Finding a job wouldn't of been hard, except it would of been a fast food or retail job. As I had no  skills useful in the civilian job force. 

When I found IT Works, I know this was my chance to be a stay at home forever, with no chance of regretting it. I ordered my kit, and it arrived 2 weeks before my wedding. So I used the 3 wraps on myself and then threw out my shape wear on my wedding day!!!!

Since then I have been able to help countless people change their lives!!! Form wanting a smaller waist to longer hair!!! I have help people start their own It Works Journey and given them the freedom to dream like me!!!


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